Develop New Technologies

New Ideas for An Old ProblemFarmer holding smart phone and corn in corn field

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are not a new phenomenon--but Ohio State and partners have some new ideas to help manage, prevent or take advantage of them. Field to Faucet researchers are developing new technological solutions, processes and applications that help make water/soil management and decision-making more efficient and accurate and that help turn pollutants into valuable resources.


Field to Faucet Funded Projects

New field sensors will quickly scan for multiple algal toxins in water, food
A new sensor under development at The Ohio State University will detect harmful substances in water or food much more quickly than current methods. Lead: Wu Lu, Ohio State University. Read more...

Manure treatment: Research Aims to Take the P and N out of Livestock Waste
A new technology under development at The Ohio State University is designed to use manure in a more environmentally friendly way.Lead: Yebo Li, Ohio State University. Read more...

New App Project Seeks to Help Farmers Manage Farm Nutrients
Want to gain access to timely nutrient use and application information at the farm level? Researchers are The Ohio State University soon will have an App for that. Lead: John Fulton, Ohio State University. Read more...