Maumee Basin Lake Erie HABs Stakeholder Informed Decision-Making Support System

A one-stop shop for making water-friendly decisions for Lake Erie

Principal Investigator

Patrick Lawrence, University of Toledo


A project at the University of Toledo will put information on Lake Erie harmful algal blooms into one place for easy access by community members and leaders.

When creating solutions for the harmful algal bloom problem, having accurate information is critical—but many stakeholders can be overwhelmed by the wide range of information sources available.

A new web tool will include key studies, videos, reports and resources to help land and water managers make decisions that might affect downstream water quality. Led by geography professor Patrick Lawrence, the project team will interview key stakeholders [link to Turner work] in the Maumee River watershed to identify their information needs and how those needs can be addressed through the web portal.

The website will also pull in current research in the region to ensure that the tool contains up-to-date information.

The End Result

A common resource for decision makers in the Maumee watershed to obtain information on water quality and apply that information to their community.

Full Project Information

Read about the project at the Ohio Sea Grant website.