Ohio Nutrient Management Mobile Applications

New App Project Seeks to Help Farmers Manage Farm Nutrients

Principal Investigator

John Fulton, Ohio State University


Want to gain access to timely nutrient use and application information at the farm level? Researchers are The Ohio State University soon will have an App for that.

 research team lead by John Fulton, an Ohio State University Extension machine and precision systems specialist, is working to create a suite of mobile applications that will focus on Ohio corn, soybean and wheat production and the enhancement of nitrogen and phosphorus management at the farm level. The initial app will allow individual farmers and crop advisors to review recommendations around nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrient application decisions.

The app will provide farmers or application equipment operators a means to efficiently evaluate field level soil test data and compare to the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations.  The App’s functionality will include information about the right timing and the right rate of application based on the crop and growing conditions.  With Ohio’s new agricultural nutrients law requirements for those applying fertilizer to over 50 acres, more accurate record keeping and following best management practices will be required for a field.

The other apps in the suite, all of which will be maintained by Ohio State, will include a focus on OSU Extension Crops information, Tri-state Fertilizer Recommendations, fertilizer applicator calibration and setup guidelines and other nutrient management tools. The apps are all designed to help farmers address fertilizer management to improve profitability and water quality.

The End Result

A convenient tool in the hands of farmers to help with farm-specific nutrient management decisions.

Full Project Information

Read about the project at the Ohio Sea Grant website.