Field to Faucet Projects

Field to Faucet Funded Projects

Field to Faucet is an integrated suite of research, education and outreach activities designed to deliver end-to-end solutions to harmful algal blooms and other water quality issues.


After harmful algal blooms shut down drinking water for two days in Toledo, OH in 2014, a working group of 25 Ohio State faculty convened by the university's Global Water Initiative worked to frame a plan of attack. Many of these researchers and extension experts have worked on related issues for years; the problem was not new, but the group decided that this galvanizing event demanded a new approach:

  • “end-to-end,” not just focused on one part of the problem

  • interdisciplinary

  • integrated among relevant partners (universities, agencies, NGOs, business including farmers) all across the region

  • solutions-oriented

  • able to show results in 18-24 months as well as longer time frames

With priority areas identified by the faculty working group, Bruce McPheron, Dean of the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, announced that his college would put forward the first $1 million to funding innovative R&D using this new approach. The resulting suite of three projects are led by investigators from four Ohio State colleges and involve researchers from several regional universities. The Global Water Initiative at Ohio State adminsters the program with project management by Ohio Sea Grant and major funding by the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training (FACT)
New training will help farmers get more for less--increase crop yields while using less fertilizer--which is good news for the watersheds too. Lead: Greg Labarge, Ohio State University. Read more...

One-Stop “Shop” for Farmland Data
Determining the cause of water quality issues in Lake Erie is a complicated business, with many factors coming into play. John Fulton, Ohio State University. Read more...

New field sensors will quickly scan for multiple algal toxins in water, food
A new sensor under development at The Ohio State University will detect harmful substances in water or food much more quickly than current methods. Lead: Wu Lu, Ohio State University. Read more...

Manure treatment: Research Aims to Take the P and N out of Livestock Waste
A new technology under development at The Ohio State University is designed to use manure in a more environmentally friendly way.Lead: Yebo Li, Ohio State University. Read more...

New App Project Seeks to Help Farmers Manage Farm Nutrients
Want to gain access to timely nutrient use and application information at the farm level? Researchers are The Ohio State University soon will have an App for that. Lead: John Fulton, Ohio State University. Read more...

New research will take the birds’ eye view of harmful algal blooms to get test results faster
A project underway at Ohio State combines land, air and space technologies to monitor harmful algal blooms in lakes and agricultural ponds. Lead: Jiyoung Lee, Ohio State University. Read more...