About Us

The Field to Faucet initiative is an innovative suite of reseach and extension efforts by The Ohio State University aimed at ensuring safe drinking water while keeping farms productive and profitable. The initiative began in 2014 after a water quality crisis in Lake Erie due to harmful algal blooms galvanized an interdisciplinary group of partners to seek end-to-end, systems solutions to the problem affecting the lake. A sister effort, co-led by Ohio State and the University of Toledo, created a complementary set of research and development projects funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.





It is one of three efforts framed and overseen by the multi-college Global Water Initiative at Ohio State with project administration by Ohio Sea Grant and major funding by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State.

The lead faculty point of contact for Field to Faucet is Jay Martin, Senior Faculty Lead of the Global Water Initiative.